New Adjustable Light Ring fits over 10 lighting fixtures
(see list below).
The Ring retrofits to both Video-Pro and Daylight Jr. Light banks, without adaptors or tools.

litr er rwe terw ring ring hole
lowel lowel
arri arri light
Mole-Richardson Mole Richardson light

Lite Ring will fit on the following lights:

Arri:   1000w Open face
600w Open face
1000w Fresnel Len
650w Fresnel Len
300w Fresnel Len

Ianiro: "Redhead" 1000w Open face

Lowel: 1000W Open face
     Omni 650w Open face

Mickey 1000w Open face
Teenie Teenie-Weenie 650W Open face Baby 600W 1000w
Tweenie 650W